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Dubai +971 50 783 0717 [email protected] City Walk, Dubai, UAE
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Branding & Graphic Design

Logo & Branding

Magazines, Newspapers & Books

Banners, Billboard & Social media

Presentations & Brochures

Product design, Packaging & Label design

Signboard, Flex Sign & Advertising Signage

Who are you?

We can build a brand from the ground up or breathe new life into an American icon. We guide our clients through a process of discovery to determine who they aspire to be and utilize tools for market & competitive analysis, consumer insights, channel strategy, brand positioning and a bunch of other really cool stuff.

What’s your shelf life?

Great products deserve great packaging. Pixiostudios believes packaging is not just a pretty picture, but instead, a powerful selling tool that can deliver results. We have a passion for package design, skillfully teaming colorful graphics, messaging hierarchy, unique shape, trend and eye catching elements. Consumers will be drawn to you!

Digital & Innovation

Building & Maintaining

Develop & Maintaining

Social media & Emails

Solutions for search engine marketing & Optimization.

How’s your web presence?

Your customers care about aesthetics – so should you! Pixiostudios designs websites with the consumer in mind, focusing on messaging, content and identity, allowing programmers to drive functionality. So don’t let the SEO guys design your website and control your message!

What’s your message?

Pixiostudios believes social media is not just a bunch of well-crafted images, but instead, a powerful tool that protects and delivers your brand message. We have a wealth of experience in developing social media campaigns, providing creative development and managing several platforms at once. We will protect the interests of your organization!

Do you stand out?

Retail placement and shelf ownership really matter! Attracting consumers and impacting sales, Pixiostudios Creative builds meaningful brands at retail and develops award-winning integrated merchandising systems for our clients. Buyers will love you!

Video, Audio & Animation

Advertising promo & Explainer videos

Logo, Intro & Lower third animation

Voice over & Sound effects

Short film, Video songs & Color grading

How do you promote?

To stand out in today’s media mix, you need an uber creative approach. At Pixiostudios we focus our advertising capabilities in print campaigns, online marketing and through social media blasts – all used to spread the word about your brand and products through pure awesomeness!

Where are you going?

Whether you call it event marketing, experiential marketing or any other moniker, marketing has evolved. We have years of experience building rich place-based campaigns that elevate brands and create opportunities for consumers to interact with the brand message. Stage it and they will buy!

Awesome portfolio

Well-rounded expert with 5 years experience in the field. Proven process to guide your business to success, We care about your results and we want your business to grow.